The meaning of tilt

the meaning of tilt

Tilt definition, to cause to lean, incline, slope, or slant. See more. When you or someone is in a tilt state of mind, the best thing to do is take a break from that activity No tilt means u look out of the middle or even lowest gap. move or cause to move into a sloping position, (in jousti Meaning, pronunciation, example sentences, and more from Oxford Dictionaries.

The meaning of tilt - bieten

A medieval sport in which two mounted knights with lances charged together and attempted to unhorse one another. A tendency to favor one side in a dispute: Can be used as a verb to describe one that pesters individuals, usually those enrolled in high school and aspiring to join the military. Primary Meanings of tilt 1. Times, Sunday Times The world has tilted on its axis this week. Browse the English Dictionary.


The Definition of Tilt - League of Legends the meaning of tilt



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